Canalway Cavalcade, 1 May 2004

The strip images below were taken during the Canalway Cavalcade at Little Venice in London on 1 May 2004.

10948_snb_president_kildare (27K)

Steam Narrowboat President and Butty Kildare

10945_nb_jason (42K)

Narrowboat Jason

10947_nb_perseus (28K)

Narrowboat Perseus

10946_nb_harlequin (41K)

Narrowboat Hartley Harlequin

10993_nb_rose_of_essex (32K)

Canalability - Narrowboat Rose of Essex. With specially adapted canal boats, Canalability provide a boating experience for those who may have mobility difficulties or impairments. As a charity they make their boats available to those who will benefit from their facilities the most.

10995_nb_theo (32K)

Tideway Adventurers - Narrowboat Theo

10998_renaissance (35K)

Narrowboat Renaissance

10992_nb_gnashers (39K)

Narrowboat Gnashers II

10994_nb_python (41K)

Narrowboat Python. Python's sister ship, Panther, is owned by the Coventry Canal Society


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