Licensing and Print Sales

General Notes

Many other images are available and not displayed on this site, so please enquire if you have a particular type of panoramic image in mind and don't see it here.

The images displayed on this site are highly compressed to reduce download times and the files used for printing or available for licensing are uncompressed TIFF files of at least 20 Mbytes.


If you are interested in licensing an image, please contact me, preferably by email at

It would be helpful if you can provide an indication of the use (e.g. print run) and image catalogue number to assist me in preparing a quotation.

Images can be supplied in various formats (e.g. TIFF, JPEG or PICT), via email, password-protected web area, ftp or CD.

Print Sales

Prints can be supplied in sizes ranging from 0.41 m (16") up to 3 m (9' 10") wide or more. The height will vary depending upon the aspect ratio of the image. For typical prints, the dimensions are:

Extreme prints of photofinish images can be prepared with lengths of the order of 4.2 m (14') by 0.15 m (6"), for example, to cover several walls of a room as a frieze.

Prints are made to order on a Durst Theta large format digital photoprinter that exposes digital files onto photographic paper or using pigmented inks on fine-art watercolour paper.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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